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Welcome to Doc Brown’s Nutrimedicine

We understand that people need food to live. Our fundamental need for food is based on the body's requirement for the nutrients, or chemical substances, found in food. Nutrients provide energy, promote the growth and repair of tissues, and regulate body processes. Food also contributes to one's experience of taste, texture, and pleasure. In addition to these physiological attributes, food is the primary source of medicinal compounds known as phytochemicals that support health and well-being. Phytochemicals are plant substances that do not fall into the usual nutritional categories of kilojoules, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Instead, they are a class of protective compounds that interact with one's unique biology to facilitate healing. So, beyond simply being a mechanism for conveying energy and imparting culinary pleasure, food is a source of phytochemicals that can prevent and treat disease and thus transform your health. "Food is Medicine" is a phrase that was originally coined by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine. Hippocrates believed that illness stemmed from inadequate nutrition and bad eating habits and that if people were to learn good eating habits then optimum health would be restored.

In contemporary society, what you put at the end of your fork is indicative of health status. For instance, if you are eating highly processed foodstuffs every day with little or no nutritional value, your body will not be receiving all of the nutrients it needs to function properly, potentially leading to ensuing health issues. On the other hand, regular consumption of healthy nutrient-dense foodstuffs like fresh fruit and vegetables help to heal the body at the cellular level and build strong defences enabling you to combat illness. Fruit and vegetables use colours as their protective mechanisms. These colours are the sources of the phytochemicals that act like medicine in our bodies. We use their defence mechanisms to help our bodies function better - these are: the anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antioxidant, and hormone-balancing compounds that we should eat every day to prevent disease and create optimal health and well-being.

If food has the power to prevent much of the chronic illness we experience today then it makes good sense to alter your daily eating habits to use food to your advantage in the primary prevention of disease. Being healthy means putting the right fuel, or food, into your mouth every day. Therefore, "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates.

Our Core Values are to:

Food Pizza

  • cater to the health and well-being of all individuals and families
  • always act with compassion and respect
  • practice nutritional medicine with integrity and honesty
  • continue high quality of nutritional care
  • treat you as we would want to be treated ourselves

Our Vision

Our vision is for you to be "Eating for a Future".

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